Take your Photography to a new level with Joshua Sterrett

Photography Workshops in Mexico with Joshua Sterrett

Learn how to take better photos with me!

Take Your Photography to a New Level!

Crash Course Photography 101 –  4 hrs     $75
Did you just get your first dSLR and only shoot in Auto? 
Do you wish you knew what all of the buttons did? 
Did you buy a new camera but still can’t get photos like your friends?
This course is designed for you.  
In the 4 hour course we’ll spend the first half going over how to use your camera, the fundamentals of Photography such as Composition, Light and Exposure.  

The second half of the course will have you out shooting and practicing what you learned while I work with you. 

Intensive: Storytelling and critiquing images  2 days/ 10 hours   $175

So you’ve been shooting for a few months or many years but you still find yourself taking mediocre photos. The images just don’t pop or have the emotional impact that you want.

Kurdish truck driverI believe in HANDS-ON learning. This class will not have you stuck in a classroom learning terminology. You’ll be learning by example as I shoot with you on the street and assisting you in any questions you may have.

This Workshop is an intensive 2 day, 10 hour workshop.
We’ll begin the first day by going over some more advanced fundamentals of composition, Understanding and using light, using lines to guide the viewers eye, and how to put them together to create stories.

In the last hour of the first day we’ll meet back inside and share our
favorite image we took of the day. I’ll go over the process of editing (selecting the best photos for display) and I’ll have you edit your photos from the day down to the top 5 images that are great stand alone images but also come together to create a story line.

On the Second day we will meet back inside and as a class, critique the girl with head scarf storytelling workshop joshua sterrettphotos of our classmates.  This critique will be aimed at showing you how others respond to your images and to see if you are seeing the same things that your viewers see when you chose the photo.

I will also give my own personal critique aimed at finding the elements that work and areas that can be improved upon.

Based on the images, I will give tips on how to tell stories through images by using the elements learned yesterday. We will spend the next 3 hours outside again in 1-2 new locations.

For the final hour of our second day we will meet inside to review and edit our images while sharing them with the class.

By the end of this course you will learn how to use all of the elements, connecting with your subjects and editing your images to create stories rather than just photographs. You should also have the beginning of your photography portfolio.

Street Photography: Overcoming the fear of rejection
and capturing the Decisive Moment

In this 4-5 hour workshop we’ll begin by reviewing the works of iconicShoe shiner Istanbul Street Photography workshop Joshua Sterrettstreet photographers such as Vivian Maier,  Henri Cartier-Bresson, and others to examine why their images have continued to captivate people. 
From there we will move outside to work on different techniques used in street photography such as ‘shooting from the hip’, capturing movement and action without flash, how to see and use ambient light and why using a wide angle lens will always create a more interesting image.

In the streets you will be able to observe how I interact with subjects Dance for life street photography workshop with Josh Sterrettwhen taking their photos so that you can then attempt it yourself. We’ll meet shop owners, vendors, children and perhaps even a few animals. The thing about street photography, just like life, is that you never know what you’ll encounter. 

By the end of this course you should be more comfortable shooting in the streets and interacting with your subjects to build rapport and find interesting stories. You’ll learn to shoot before you second guess yourself so that you don’t miss that decisive moment. 

This workshop requires that you are in decent health as we will be walking for most of the time with a break in between. 

Lightpainting and Trick Photography  3-4 hrs     $125

Light painting using the moon and EL wire

Light painting using the moon and EL wire

You have probably seen images of pictures drawn in the dark or of fire flying everywhere and thought it was some photoshop trick. I’m going to show you how to achieve results such as ‘double exposure’ as well as painting on walls without any photoshop! 

This course is one of the most popular and entertaining workshops I offer.

Get creative with light painting by drawing in the air

Get creative with light painting by drawing in the air

This was NOT done with Photoshop!

This was NOT done with Photoshop!

Magic is real with Light painting

Magic is real with Light painting

We will be working with steel wool to create fire spin effects, L.E.D lights to draw in the air, and EL Wires to create different effects.

Participants are welcome to bring their own light sources such as Flashlights, phones, or anything that emits light to see how it can be used to create different effects.  I’ll teach you how to capture portraits with light painting by using a flash and much more. 

This is what you need to do Steel Wool Photography

This is what you need to do Steel Wool Photography safely

This course requires a group of 3 or more people. I will provide the firepainting tools but for more independence after receiving safety instructions you can bring the following items for steel wool spinning. It’s also suggested to wear darker (black) clothing and a hat/cap/hoodie to protect your head.

This course requires that you have a tripod. 

An Off Camera Flash and remote trigger are recommended but not necessary. 

By the end of this course you will know how to safely and effectively light paint with different tools including LED’s, Steel Wool, and EL wire. 

Adobe Lightroom Tips and Tricks  2 hours     $50

Adobe Lightroom Tips and Tricks with Josh SterrettBefore and after Lightroom tutorial

In this course I’ll give you the best tips to increase your work flow using the photo management and editing tools, make your images POP, teach you how to use the different sliders effectively, and how to create a watermark before publishing the image. 

I will take you step-by-step through how I edit and process my work in Adobe Lightroom. It is a program made for photographers and will increase your workflow once you’ve learned the tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years.  I will give you different challenges that will range in difficulty so that by the end of the course you will be able to use all of the tools effectively. 

This course requires that you have a laptop with Adobe Lightroom installed.  In some circumstances, I will allow you to use my laptop.


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