Life is a Choose your OWN Adventure

Life is not a one-size-fits-all.
Life is a Journey. A choose your own story. IT's not a one-size-fits-all.

Life is a Journey.
A choose your own story.
IT’s not a one-size-fits-all.

There are people that will have the happiest lives ever not having to worry about where the paycheck is coming and knowing what will happen each and every day. They may still find some workplace drama or gossip but if they have trouble with a paycheck or something about their job that they aren’t happy with, they can go to management or HR and have them help sort things out.

When you become a blogger/writer or begin a location-independent lifestyle, all of that lands on your own shoulders! Is there a problem with the system or an unruly client? Better find a way to fix it!  Are you late getting an article out? That’s all on you and could affect future opportunities and income.  You get whatever you put into it! Since beginning to work full-time (and before that) I’ve had a LOT on my table as I work on building a blog and bringing a remote location-independent income to reality…I realize how MUCH there is to do.

No matter what career or path you decide to take, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Going on the typical career path of school, job, promotion, retirement or going the route of school (optional), working, mini-break, working (creating new income opportunities), mini-retirement, etc.
Both of these require a lot of work! There really is no easy or RIGHT’s actually all about the path that is right for each person. More and more lately I see bloggers say that people MUST travel to be happy (I’ve even been guilty of this) but it’s not true.

I’m finding myself pretty overwhelmed these past few weeks as I began to pick up momentum with and picking up different sponsored activities and then starting a new job as a primary 3rd grade teacher in Mexico! It’s been a crazy time getting back into a set schedule of waking up at a set time and putting the teachers hat back on after more than two years outside of a classroom.

It really humbles me though that I have employment, a roof over my head and food in my stomach. I haven’t always had all three at the same time and there are many that don’t. I’m really looking forward to continue working towards all of my goals and seeing them finally come to fruition.

My lifestyle and path is and will be my own that I forged through a lot of mistakes and lessons. I can’t wait until I see some of the monetary returns. I’ve received them in pieces for example, I’m currently finishing up negotiations for a book cover deal using one of my photographs which I can’t wait to see.

Whatever you are doing, the important thing is that you are happy!  If today was your last day, would you say it was a good adventure? Was it a good life? Are you living a life that you are satisfied with? If yes, that’s great!  If no, there’s no better time to start working towards that than now.

Have a great weekend.