Exploring myths and legends of the Maya in Chiapas

Exploring the ancient Maya ruins hidden within the jungle.

Welcome to Days of Wandermust!
I’m Josh. 

I first created Days of Wandermust to share my passion for travel and photography. After so many people began messaging me and telling me how much I inspired them to live their own dreams of escaping the 9-5 and living on their own terms I understood that there is a real need in people to be able to just WANDER and LIVE how they choose.

And that’s really what Days of Wandermust is all about!
We are all Wanderers at heart and I know you can find ways to EXPLORE your world, whether it be your own neighborhood, a foreign land or even your own heart.

I’ll be sharing MY way of Wandering and how I MUST do it. Really, I must.  I NEED to see new places, meet new people, have new adventures and continually challenge myself.


I am a passionate photographer that lives for capturing the moment and also teaching others how to realize their own vision in photography.

Under the Sea, that’s the place for me.   I love the water and love diving.  Be ready to explore the deep seas,  volcanoes, jungles and any other crazy adventures I can manage to get myself into!